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What to Know When Selecting a New Door

There's something about spring that makes us want to make everything new and fresh. Spring cleaning, rearranging, and of course, sprucing up the exterior of our homes, now that the weather is turning lovely. 

One the biggest "bang for your buck" upgrades to your home can be a new front door. Whether you have a newer home, and want to add a unique touch, an older home that needs repair or replacement, or you just want that first impression to be a "WOW," a front door can make a huge difference. But where to start? 

We have hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of doors from which to choose, but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, so it's good to have a few things in mind before you come out to make the process easier. 

What size is your entryway?

A standard "modern" entry door is 80" tall by 36" wide, and usually 2" thick. In older homes, though, there is no real standard, so make sure you measure the opening so you at least know the ballpark you are in. 

Have you talked to a contractor to install, or are you doing it yourself?

Either way, make sure that you know ahead of time how difficult (or expensive) it is to enlarge or build out the doorway to accommodate the door you want. There's little worse than falling in love with something, only to discover the cost is prohibitive, or the job too difficult. It's often not as simple as removing one from the hinges and hanging the new door. 

Don't forget to include measurements for any transoms or sidelights as well. 

Do you want to finish it yourself, or have us restore it for you? 

We have many doors that are in ready to hang condition, but be prepared to find some that need a bit of restoration, stripping, or refinishing.

This can absolutely change the cost of the whole project, but if it needs restoration, you are usually money in to go ahead and do it. With your front door especially, it's the first thing both you and your guests see when you walk up to your home. 

"What if I find one that I love but it's not quite the perfect fit?" 

That's very possible. Often, your contractor can build out the opening so your new, slightly smaller door fits seamlessly. Some doors can also be cut down a bit to fit your opening, without compromising their structure at all. Some cannot. We can do this for you, too! (But make sure you have measured or have had your contractor measure, because once they're cut, they're yours!) 

"What if I think I love it, but get it home and it's not quite right?

We have a 2 week return policy, so if you do find that it's not a good fit, physically or visually, bring it back within 2 weeks for a refund or exchange. As long as you've not cut or otherwise altered it, no problem!

Still stumped?

Just get your measurements and come see us! We're happy to help, search, and work with you to find that perfect fit that will make your entryway as unique and lovely as you like!

Spring is here! Time to think about your outdoor decor!

Spring is finally here, and it's time to really start thinking about how to dress up your yard, garden, patio, or deck! 

We just got a terrific shout out from Ridgeline Tree & Landscape Development as one of their 7 picks for great places to find outdoor decor in Richmond. 

Check out their website, and their article  HERE

Then, come visit us, and see what you can find to create a one of a kind outdoor living space! 


Last year we lost our beloved founder, Gary Thomas. This year, to celebrate his birthday (which falls on St. Patrick's Day, March 17) we will be having our first ever Founder's Day Event. 

He was not a fan of sales, but he loved his customers, and so do we, so to honor him, and thank you, we're offering 20% off EVERYTHING in the store on THURSDAY ONLY! 

Seriously- everything that is retail priced is going to be on sale.  The only fine print (and you know, there is always fine print!) is that the discount is not valid on previously discounted items, or custom pieces. We would LOVE to make that fantastic, one of a kind, dining table for you, but we just can't cut the price on those things. If it's in the store/ on the floor, though- it's 20% off!

We're Now Offering FREE Antiques Appraisals on Saturdays!

Do you have some fantastic treasures that you've always wondered about? Did you inherit something that you never got around to checking on? We're now doing FREE antiques appraisals on Saturdays! From 9-5, bring your items in and our licensed auctioneer will give you a valuation on the spot. Maybe you'll have an Antiques Roadshow moment! 

We'll be doing this every Saturday, so come on out!

** The fine print (you knew there'd be some, didn't you?) 

These are verbal valuations only- not written appraisals. If you need a written appraisal, we can do that, for a fee- just call us or talk to us while you're here. 

These are on site only- we can't do off site/ house call appraisals for free. Sorry. 

Please limit your number of items to 5 or less. Obviously, that could just get crazy. 

Does not include jewelry appraisals. That's a whole different thing. 

And finally, our appraisals are NOT an offer to purchase. We buy antiques, militaria, gold, silver, gems, watches, and collectibles all day long. We do not typically buy on Saturdays, though, and we obviously resell the items in most cases, so that price is going to be different. 

We can't wait to see what you've got!


Happy Vintage Holidays!

This festive and fantastic Tom & Jerry Set is available now! 

If you love to add a bit of vintage nostalgia to your holiday season, come out and see us, or visit us online on Etsy (GovernorsAntiquesVa) or Chairish. We've got lots of great items for entertaining, gift giving, and holiday decorating. One of those is this terrific Tom & Jerry Punchbowl Set- available now for $150. If you haven't had a Tom & Jerry, you're missing a quintessential Christmas indulgence! Created in the 1820's by the journalist Pierce Egan, it has nothing to do with the cartoon cat and mouse, but everything to do with promoting Egan's novel, Life in London, or The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn Esq. and his Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom, and the subsequent stage play of the same name.

He created this holiday drink- really a kicked up, warm version of the classic eggnog, and it really caught on. Try it! It's delicious!

Tom & Jerry  (prep time approx 15 minutes)


  • 4 large eggs, separated and at room temperature
  • 1 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons blackstrap rum
  • 1/2 teaspoon plus  ground cinnamon (heaping)
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
  • Pinch cream of tartar


  • 4 cups Brandy
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons aged Jamaican rum
  • 6 cups hot whole milk
  • 6 cups hot water
  • Freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg, for garnish

For the batter:


  1. Place the egg yolks, sugar, rum, cinnamon, and allspice in a medium to large bowl and whisk until lightened in color and fluffy; set aside.
  2. Place the egg whites and cream of tartar in a second medium bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form. Fold half of the beaten egg whites into the egg yolk mixture until just combined, then add the remaining egg whites and fold until just combined and no white streaks remain.

For the punch:

  1. When ready to serve, place the batter in a 3-quart punch or serving bowl. Slowly pour in the Cognac and rum and stir gently to combine, being careful not to deflate the batter. Slowly pour in the milk and water and stir gently to combine. Garnish with grated cinnamon and nutmeg and serve immediately.


Join us for Small Business Saturday coming up November 28!

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 of it makes its way back into the community?  Join us Saturday, November 28, for Small Business Saturday- we'll have some sales (yes, really!) some treats, and some cool contests, but best of all, your shopping dollars go back to the community AND you go home with one of a kind, unique gifts (for you or others!) that you can be sure won't be duplicated!

With so many terrific gift ideas, from truly unusual vintage, to our own handmade items, you can't beat local for gift giving, and if you're looking for something to help make your house feel more like home for the holidays, you've come to the right place. You can always find something unique and fantastic! Stay tuned for more details, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, and come see us next Saturday!

News this week!

We've been selling on Etsy for a month or so, and hopefully you've had a chance to check it out. It's a great resource for a more curated (read: less overwhelming) selection of collectibles, antique hardware, and decorative items. In the last week, we've added Chairish to our online offerings. A bit different, Chairish really focuses more on design and decor items, and we are so excited to be adding more and more things all the time. 

If you just need a "fix" of some fantastic vintage/ antique lighting, collectibles, or (soon!) furniture, check it out. It gives you a great idea of what we have in store, allows for FREE local pickup, AND is a great way to share items you love with friends or family that may live a little further away. We'll ship nationwide, and in the case of larger furniture pieces, Chairish offers white glove delivery as well. Check it out and see what we have in store!  

Plus, with both having apps, you can now show Governor's on your phone!! What's better than that?

Decorative Painting Workshops are Back for Fall!

Our decorative painting workshops are back for the fall! Starting September 2, we'll be offering our Beginning Chalk and Milk Painting Workshop the first Wednesday of the month, from 6-8 pm. At only $45, this is a great, fun way to learn the basic techniques needed to get started with that piece of furniture that you've been itching to take from drab to fab! 

Next up we'll have Distressing, Antiquing, and Glazing, which will take your knowledge and skills up a level. 

Finally, at the end of September, we'll have our Picture Frame Project Class, where you'll take a fantastic reclaimed wood picture frame memo board from start to completion, and have a great addition to your decor, or a super gift, just in time for the holidays!

Check out our entire schedule of workshops at


Exciting News to Follow!

We are thrilled to announce that we'll be partnering with Richmond's own Modern June (otherwise known as blogger, Oilcloth Addict shop owner, seamstress, author, and more, Kelly McCants) on the renovation of her 1971 Shasta Camper that she has dubbed #SewJunie! As Kelly blogs away on her camper reno, soon #SewJunie will be camped out at our store, as we help create some fantastic interior projects to transform her into a super sweet traveling workshop and studio with a farmhouse style in time for Kelly to take her to the Country Living Fair in Ohio this September! Let's get to work!

What is the Eastlake Movement?

Unless you're well versed in historic preservation or antique furniture, you may not be familiar with the Eastlake Movement, or if you've heard the term, you may not know what it means.  

When you think of the Victorian era, you probably think of incredibly ornate, elaborate, and often overly ornate carved furniture, and heavy upholstery and drapes. By the end of the nineteenth century, though, a reform movement had begun to take shape throughout both England and the US. A growing belief that these heavy fabrics, deeply carved and embellished woods, etc, kept out healthful light and kept in dust and germs sparked a change in style and attitude in many.

Around the same time, in 1872, Charles Eastlake, an English architect and writer,  wrote Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details, which spoke to all manner of style in the home, and urged a simplification from the over decorated to a cleaner, simpler style, more focused on fine design and quality and skilled manufacture, whether by hand or machine. He felt that objects in the home should find their beauty from their craftsmanship rather than excessive ornamentation, and believed that this overly fussy decoration often hid shoddy workmanship.  

With the popularity of his book, furntiture manufacturers and craftsmen as well as builders and other craftsmen used his ideas as a springboard to create a new style. Eastlake style was born. Eastlake furniture, architecture and hardware, then, tends to have smoother, more geometric lines, more incised carving and less relief, and an overall simpler silhouette. The furniture pieces are often crafted of more rugged woods like oak or mahogany, and tend to have very little applied decoration. While a great deal of what you'll find in this design movement did, as Eastlake implored,  harken back to a time when more care and craftsmanship were given, there were (as now) plenty of factories getting the look but not the spirit, and selling lower quality goods. 

Many of the pieces that have survived have stood the test of time (as Eastlake predicted) and remain quite timelessly beautiful. He planted very important seeds that helped grow the Arts and Crafts Movement, and grew the notion that William Morris had of "Having nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."  Though not terribly well known, he was hugely important to the course home styles took in the late nineteenth century and beyond, and still important today. 

What to look for in Eastlake furniture and architecture?

  • Quality craftsmanship, first and foremost. The emphasis is on quality first, then decoration.
  • More geometric style than what is offered considered "Victorian," but it often still has a very intricate, somewhat ornate, details.
  • Smoother silhouettes- more incised decoration, very little to no decoration in relief.
  • In wood pieces, little staining, and finished often with just oils. Eastlake had a great disdain for "varnished" pieces, believing them to be the easy way out.
  • Flat surfaces that were easy to keep clean.

A couple of great examples are above, showing the incised detail on the door hardware.

Upcoming Workshops!

We had a great time at our Beginning Chalk and Milk Painting Workshop last night, and have lots more great workshops coming up. Here's the schedule for the next few weeks (All classes are Wednesdays, from 6-8):

July 8- Distressing, Antiquing and Glazing  More info and sign up

July 15- Furniture Stenciling  More info and sign up

July 22- Decoupage Workshop More info and sign up

We'll be having more events coming up, and posting them as they're scheduled, but definitely put these on your calendar, call a friend (it's always more fun with a friend!) and sign up! You- and your old furniture, will not regret it!

New this week!

Did you know that we have a shop on Etsy now? We're just getting it up and running, but adding new treasures every day! The link is on the top of our webpage, or you can visit it directly from HERE!

What would you like to see available online? We'd love to hear from you!

Don't forget we have our Beginning Chalk and Milk Paint Workshop is coming up on Wednesday, 7/1, from 6-8 and at only $45, it's a great way to really get a feel for how to use chalk and milk paints to take your furniture from drab to fab! Find out more and sign up HERE


Coming up at Governor's!

Don't forget we're open now on Wednesdays until 9! Come out and visit-  after work, when it cools down is a great time to wander outside and see all there is to see. 

Coming up this Wednesday is our Distressing, Antiquing, and Glazing Workshop with Karen Guard. Karen blogs at, is a furniture painter/ rejuvenator extraordinaire, and writes a column for R Home Magazine. If you've not come out to a Wednesday Workshop, you have to make it! You'll have a great time, and really get some knowledge and confidence that you can use!

Sign up here!

What's new this week!

We've gotten in some fantastic pieces this week, including this fantastic mid century s shaped sofa. $3000 and in great condition! 

Don't forget about our next Beginning Chalk and Milk Paint Workshop coming up on Wednesday evening from 6-8! It's a great way to get a great start on tackling those projects that you may have been too hesitant to tackle. Sign up and bring a friend! It's a great time!  Sign up here!

Furniture Stenciling Workshop is this week!

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs inspiration or rejuvenation? Come join us for our Decorative Painting Workshops, taught by Karen Guard (Blogging at Karen is a decorative painting expert, a long time teacher of numerous techniques in the area, and a contributor to R Home magazine. Come out and join us on Wednesday evening from 6-8 for Furniture Stenciling and bring a friend! It's a great time, and you'll leave with the confidence and knowledge to tackle that project that's been taunting you! 

Sign up here!

Just want to come out and shop? Don't forget we're open Wednesday evenings till 9 now!

Graduation Season is here!

Do you have a student graduating from a Virginia college this year or headed to college in the fall? Are you looking for something unique to commemorate the occasion? We have some fantastic handcrafted brass and sterling silver belt buckles representing JMU, VCU, Virginia Tech, VMI, and UVA. They make a great gift (or gift for yourself!) and range from $45- $150. Call today to reserve yours! 804-746-1030.