The Lucketts Spring Market!

The Spring Market at the Old Lucketts Store was this weekend! We have never really done a show like this, so we honestly didn't know what to expect! We had a great time, though, and it was an awesome venue and event, despite the rather WET weather. It was really fun to meet so many great people, both shoppers and vendors, and to get to meet so many followers, followed, and friends from social media, from all over. 

We had a great VIP shopping day on Friday, when the weather was beautiful (what a terrific change of pace!) Saturday showed up with rain, rain, and more rain, but we had really good crowds in spite of the weather.

We had some great sales, and some fantastic feedback on our Governor's Antiques Originals, about which you'll be hearing much more! With 7 acres of awesome architectural salvage, we have an incredibly large inventory of "raw" materials that our craftsmen are working into some really creative, unique pieces, small and large, that will bring a one of a kind style into your home. Each is truly original, marked and numbered with a brass plaque. Don't forget, too, if you see something you love, but it's too big, too small, or maybe inspires you but is not quite perfect, we can create a piece truly original to you and your space. 

This kitchen island was completed just to showcase at the Spring Market- from reclaimed wood and ceiling tin, and would be a gorgeous centerpiece for your kitchen- gorgeous look great storage, and a fantastic space on top for work/ cooking, or serving. And trust us, it makes a GREAT cash wrap for a retail operation. Not sure what we would have done without it this weekend!


Unfortunately the rain got the better of everyone on Saturday, and so many cars had to be towed out of field parking, it was really beyond anyone's expectations. They had to get a backhoe to tow out the tow truck, for Pete's sake! So, needless to say, Sunday was a washout, so we packed up and headed home, much earlier than expected. 

Overall, it was a TERRIFIC weekend, and we'll definitely be back next time! Here are a few pics of our booth, and some others that were standouts and photoworthy- though in truth, there were so many more that we just could not get to for shopping and looking! (That was what we were going to do Sunday!) 

If you've never been to the Spring Market, though, make a plan to head to the Old Lucketts Store for the next one. Just outside of Leesburg, it's a beautiful location, a great venue and event, with fantastic food, and so many awesome vendors it will make your head spin!

Save the date! *May 20, 21, & 22*

For the first time ever, we're going to be selling our wares at the Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg! If you've been before, make sure to come this year, because it's going to be a great weekend! With over 150 vendors (including US!), food trucks, local wine, local cider, and more, it's really going to be a great time, and a great way to find some fabulous pieces and have fun doing it. 

We're going to be bringing LOTS of great inventory- from lots of awesome architectural salvage, awesome original pieces, and antiques, to smaller items- vintage advertising, decor, and more. 

Stay tuned for more info, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates. The VIP presale is Friday, May 20, and you MUST have a ticket to shop that day! Click HERE for more info and tickets, and come see us! It's going to be a great weekend!