What to Know When Selecting a New Door

There's something about spring that makes us want to make everything new and fresh. Spring cleaning, rearranging, and of course, sprucing up the exterior of our homes, now that the weather is turning lovely. 

One the biggest "bang for your buck" upgrades to your home can be a new front door. Whether you have a newer home, and want to add a unique touch, an older home that needs repair or replacement, or you just want that first impression to be a "WOW," a front door can make a huge difference. But where to start? 

We have hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of doors from which to choose, but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, so it's good to have a few things in mind before you come out to make the process easier. 

What size is your entryway?

A standard "modern" entry door is 80" tall by 36" wide, and usually 2" thick. In older homes, though, there is no real standard, so make sure you measure the opening so you at least know the ballpark you are in. 

Have you talked to a contractor to install, or are you doing it yourself?

Either way, make sure that you know ahead of time how difficult (or expensive) it is to enlarge or build out the doorway to accommodate the door you want. There's little worse than falling in love with something, only to discover the cost is prohibitive, or the job too difficult. It's often not as simple as removing one from the hinges and hanging the new door. 

Don't forget to include measurements for any transoms or sidelights as well. 

Do you want to finish it yourself, or have us restore it for you? 

We have many doors that are in ready to hang condition, but be prepared to find some that need a bit of restoration, stripping, or refinishing.

This can absolutely change the cost of the whole project, but if it needs restoration, you are usually money in to go ahead and do it. With your front door especially, it's the first thing both you and your guests see when you walk up to your home. 

"What if I find one that I love but it's not quite the perfect fit?" 

That's very possible. Often, your contractor can build out the opening so your new, slightly smaller door fits seamlessly. Some doors can also be cut down a bit to fit your opening, without compromising their structure at all. Some cannot. We can do this for you, too! (But make sure you have measured or have had your contractor measure, because once they're cut, they're yours!) 

"What if I think I love it, but get it home and it's not quite right?

We have a 2 week return policy, so if you do find that it's not a good fit, physically or visually, bring it back within 2 weeks for a refund or exchange. As long as you've not cut or otherwise altered it, no problem!

Still stumped?

Just get your measurements and come see us! We're happy to help, search, and work with you to find that perfect fit that will make your entryway as unique and lovely as you like!