What's Old is New...

If you've been to our store, you may or may not know that we've been in business since 1970. That's nearly 47 years, and we've grown and changed plenty during that time. You can imagine that a lot gets accumulated in that much time as well, and last week, while tackling a much needed office organization project, we came upon this fantastic article from 1990, in what was then the Richmond News Leader. It highlighted a visit to Governor's by Whoopi Goldberg, and gave a great little history and "walk through" of our business. 

Twenty six years down the road, it's really interesting to see how many things have changed, and how many things have stayed the same. While sadly we lost Gary Thomas, "The Governor," last year, we have experienced some good changes as well. 

We've expanded ou architectural salvage business, and we're working on making the shopping experience (while it will always be a wild, wonderful, treasure hunt) a bit more user friendly. We have a map now, to help you navigate our 7 acres, and we have curated shops online at Etsy and Chairish (click the shop link on our home page to get there).  

Perhaps our biggest change is the launch of Governor's Antiques Originals, our line of one of a kind furniture, crafted with old world techniques, from vintage and reclaimed materials, and offering a true custom touch to your decor. Have a vision all your own? We can help bring that to life as well.  

And if you haven't been here since Whoopi, we've got a lot to show you! Come visit!



Want to own a piece of history, or are you just a diehard Wahoo?

If you want to really make your outdoor space or entry unique, we have a VERY limited quantity of post lights that previously called the UVA Rotunda home.

What a fantastic addition to your home if you are a UVA alum (parent, or soon to be parent of one)! What a terrific statement,  a great conversation piece, and a wonderful chance to own a piece of history. Come by, call, or email us for more information or to secure yours! This is a rare opportunity! 

Photo of Rotunda (pre-restoration) courtesy of UVA.