Adding a Vintage Touch to Your Summer Event and Entertaining

Summer is finally here, and it's event season! There's something about entertaining in the spring and summer that is just...better. The weather, the flowers in bloom...everything is just nicer somehow. More relaxed. If you want to jazz things up and add a great vintage touch to your event (indoors or out), check out some of these ideas, or head over to Pinterest for some more ways to incorporate a special touch into your spring and summer festivities!

If you love something you see here, or have a grander vision (for a large party, charity event, wedding, etc.) and don't want to commit long term, we do provide a short term rental option for nearly everything in our inventory! Just come see us!

Here are a couple of lovely examples from Brittany & Chad's wedding this spring- beautiful arch and gorgeous centerpieces!

If you're having a more casual affair, there are lots of great options- come wander and get inspired! Mix up your chairs, use different, unique containers for food or flowers, and there is nothing like a claw foot tub to make a WOW drink cooler! 

If you want a smaller, rustic touch, check out our new candlesticks and slate serving/ cheese boards. Indoors or out, these make a great authentic and rustic/ vintage style to your table! Now in our store, and in our Etsy shop at GovernorsAntiquesVa!