Lighting Can Make Your Room

Sometimes we get so caught up in the "big things" in a room (sofas, table, beds, etc) that we forget that the foundation elements can make a huge difference, often at a smaller hit to the budget. Lighting is perhaps one of the most important of those elements. 

Did you know we have literally thousands of pieces of lighting for nearly every style, room, and purpose. What are you looking for? 

If you're looking for a great statement piece for a kitchen, for example, over an island, you probably want something that not only looks good, but provides good quality task lighting as well. We have some terrific schoolhouse and barn style lights that are great for this purpose. They not only look good, but provide good light, and they work with nearly every style, from farmhouse to sleek and modern. 

For more ambient lighting- think bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, you probably want something with a little less harsh, more diffuse light with some style and detail. Our inventory of chandeliers and pendants that fit this description is huge. If you are wondering where to find unique lighting, look no further. Whether your space requires a small, delicate pendant, or a grand crystal chandelier (or anything in between), we've got some terrific options, and can help you make a choice that will be a good fit for your space.