We're Now Offering FREE Antiques Appraisals on Saturdays!

Do you have some fantastic treasures that you've always wondered about? Did you inherit something that you never got around to checking on? We're now doing FREE antiques appraisals on Saturdays! From 9-5, bring your items in and our licensed auctioneer will give you a valuation on the spot. Maybe you'll have an Antiques Roadshow moment! 

We'll be doing this every Saturday, so come on out!

** The fine print (you knew there'd be some, didn't you?) 

These are verbal valuations only- not written appraisals. If you need a written appraisal, we can do that, for a fee- just call us or talk to us while you're here. 

These are on site only- we can't do off site/ house call appraisals for free. Sorry. 

Please limit your number of items to 5 or less. Obviously, that could just get crazy. 

Does not include jewelry appraisals. That's a whole different thing. 

And finally, our appraisals are NOT an offer to purchase. We buy antiques, militaria, gold, silver, gems, watches, and collectibles all day long. We do not typically buy on Saturdays, though, and we obviously resell the items in most cases, so that price is going to be different. 

We can't wait to see what you've got!