Furniture and Lighting Sale is going on NOW!


Starting NOW, all of our furniture and lighting is 25%! From fine antiques, to project furniture, and even our Governor's Antiques Originals one of a kind pieces. These are fantastic deals, especially because we've already priced/ repriced nearly everything in the store lower than they've ever been!

Come see us and take home something fantastic that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you want a painting project, a classic wow, or a one of a kind piece crafted here at Governor's, we have something for you. See you soon!

Historic Richmond's Rehab Expo is Coming Saturday, April 8th!

Join us at Historic Richmond Foundation's Rehab Expo on Saturday, April 8 from 10am-2pm at Paisley & Jade at 3119 W. Moore St. in Scott's Addition.
If you live in (or want to live in) a historic home, this is a can't miss event!

Learn about what it takes to qualify for rehab tax credits, what the benefits are to using or keeping original, historic, materials, and more!  

This is a great opportunity to speak with trade experts and public agencies and help ensure that Richmond's architectural history is maintained.

Click here for more info! 

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Hello Friends! Are you following us on social media? Did you know that we are currently on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and selling on Etsy, Chairish, and eBay?

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The fine print- discounts cannot be combined, and are only valued on regularly priced merchandise, not previously discounted items. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bring a Touch of Vintage Style to Your Fall Decor

Well, it looks like the weather is finally starting to cool, and it seems like fall is in the air, so it's time to get to decorating with those warm colors and harvest themes. Are you bored with the same old things? Tired of the sameness of the big box, craft store style, and want to add a bit more unique, vintage flair to your autumn decor?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to add some vintage swag to your fall decor!

1) Primitives! Wooden bowls, antique kitchen tools, and rustic pottery. They add a great, warm look and can cozy up even a more modern decor. (And yes, milk cans are back! For indoors or out, and we have some!)

2) Baskets, crocks, and crates... Whether they are just incorporated into decor, or filled with fall arrangements, flowers, pinecones, or greenery, they always add a great touch!

3) Add a little vintage sparkle! Is the rustic primitive look not your thing? Some great ways to incorporate a vintage feel and a little glam is to mix in some gorgeous sunset toned carnival glass, coppery, golden lustreware, warm toned vintage wine bottles, or warm, patinated brass.

4) You know we love architectural salvage, and that's always a winner. We have some terrific accents we've created using salvage pieces, to work beautifully in your fall stylings. Candlesticks crafted from spindles, corbels (for brackets, but also terrific bookends!), our reclaimed slate serving boards, and our mounted rusty, chippy, ceiling tin wall pieces.

Come see us for more ideas! With 7 acres of antiques, collectibles, custom furniture, lighting, and architectural salvage, we have hundreds of pieces to inspire your creativity and keep your decor unique and on trend, whether your style is minimal and modern, or farmhouse cozy. (And everything in between!

*PLUS, if you're wanting a unique custom piece of furniture to get your home holiday ready, you still have time to order and get it in your home in plenty of time! 

Depression Glass- The Backstory (And it's not depressing)

So we've probably all seen Depression glass, when we were kids, loving the sparkle in Grandma's cupboard, having no idea what it was, or just (as generations have been before us) dazzled by the colors and myriad patterns. But what's the real story? Why is it called Depression glass? Why did people start collecting it, and why do they still? 

In the early 20th century, most glass was still very much artisan produced. Each company, though many by then were somewhat automated, still relied heavily on artisans to produce their wares. The craftsmen passed down their knowledge and skill to apprentices, who in turn did the same. The secrets, and art, stayed with the companies, such as Heisey, Duncan and Miller, and Cambridge. They were the "thing." What everyone wanted. 

However, these pieces, prized and used by the wealthy, were simply too expensive for the average folks. By the mid 1920's, color was really the thing, and those popular (though largely unattainable) brands began producing colored glass tableware. The public was captivated. It didn't take long for a few companies to catch on that they could produce a similar looking product in automated factories- no craftsmen needed. They were able to press glass, in a variety of colors, with lovely patterns, quite cheaply and accessibly to the masses. 

By the mid 1920's, there were full lines being produced, in factories, of this dazzling, pressed and patterned colored glass that was affordable to the "common" folk. The average family was finally able to set their table with the same sparkle and style that one might find on the table of the Vanderbilts. Happy day!

Then came the Great Depression, and everything changed. The sparkle, and the money, was gone. The marketers realized that no one was really able, or wanted to spend any money on frivolities.It was tough to get them to part with any money at all. So they began taking these pieces of glassware, so popular and beloved, and marketing them to other companies, who were trying to sell their own goods. These companies began placing them in bags of flour, containers of oatmeal, and other consumer goods, as an incentive to purchase. They were still relatively cheap to produce, but very sought after. They even gave them out at the movies! It added that free "boost" and encouraged collecting as well. 

The most common colors you'll find to date in Depression Glass are clear, pink, pale blue, green, & amber. You'll still see plenty of these today. (and still, awfully inexpensively for the most part.)

The less common colors (and ones to look out for)  are canary (yellow), ultra marine, jadeite, and delphite (an opaque pale blue.) 

We have quite a lot of fun pieces, and they're great for dressing up and adding a bit of color to a festive table- mixed with your everyday pieces, they can add a real touch of vintage sparkle and make it interesting. (And now you know the story, so it's even more interesting.) Come see all of the colors we have in store! 

Choosing a Light Fixture That's a Perfect Fit


Lighting finishes off a design plan like jewelry on a fabulous outfit. But is choosing it all just guessing? You know what you like, but how do you know if it's going to be the right shape, the right fit, or really polish the look the way you want? There have to be some guidelines, don't there? 

With thousands (yes, thousands) of fixtures in stock on a given day, we answer lighting questions all the time. If you're looking for something totally unique, we can help you find that perfect thing, and guide you on choosing something that will accent your decor and space beautifully.  So what should you know before you start shopping?

What type of fixture do you need?

Depending on the room, your design style, and your lighting needs, your options vary. Chandelier, pendant, flush mount, semi flush, or sconces. 

What style fits your space?

We have fixtures in a wide array of styles and eras- primitive/ farmhouse, Victorian, punched tin, cast iron, brass, pewter, dazzling chandeliers, stained glass, nautical, Art Deco, and more. What is your vision? 

How do you know what size to choose? 

Calculating the size of a dining room chandelier- a quick and easy formula.

If you want to make sure your chandelier is scaled properly with your space and your table- use this:

  1. Chandeliers above dining room tables should have a diameter of 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table.
  2. To size a chandelier as the focal point of any other space, such as foyers, living rooms, etc, measure the length and width of your room then add those figures together. The sum of those two numbers is the approximate recommended diameter of your chandelier in inches.
  3. Assuming you have 8 foot ceilings, the bottom of the fixture should hang between 30"-36" above the tabletop. But if your ceilings are higher, the suggestion is to add another 3" above the table for each additional foot of ceiling height. 


Calculating the size of a ceiling mount fixture.

If you want a perfectly sized focal point fixture (not over a table), use this calculation:

To size a ceiling mounted fixture to be the focal point of your space, measure the length and width of your room in feet, then add those figures together. The sum equals the recommended fixture diameter in inches. So, if your room is 10' x 10', your ideal ceiling fixture is going to be between 18"-20" diameter.

When you're hanging an ambient lighting fixture (chandelier, etc.) in a room, not over a table, the standard hanging height is going to be 7" from the floor. Obviously this may be a bit of trial and error, based on your height, height of the ceilings, etc.

*Note on chandeliers over a tub: A gorgeous trend over the past few years has been to place a chandelier over the bathtub (especially fantastic over one of our clawfoot tubs!)  Take note when you're selecting one, however, that code typically requires the entire thing (even prisms/ crystals) to be no lower than 8' from the highest point of the tub.


A good rule of thumb by which to adhere is this- the closer you'll be to the sconce, the smaller it should be.

Bathroom: Sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror should be smaller- typically 9" or 10". In bathrooms, they should be placed 36"- 40" apart, on the sides of the mirror, approximately 18" from the center line of the sink. (Make sure you allow 4" on either side of the mirror for the electrical, and pleasing spacing.) They should be mounted more or less at eye level, usually 65" from the floor.  If they require shades, the shades should drop slightly below eye level. 

Staircase and Flanking Doors: Measure your ceiling height in inches, and divide by 3/4. Sconces should be placed approximately 3/4 up the wall. (If they are placed on a staircase, be mindful of placement for those descending the stairs, so they're not looking right at a bulb.) The same rules hold true as for mirrors- space 4" or so from opening on either side. 


Note: Keep in mind that a fixture with a busy or complicated design will actually appear larger, so if that's what is catching your eye, you may actually want to scale your maximum width down a bit.

Outdoor Lighting

Lantern Size: If you're using one lantern, a good guideline is to size it approximately 1/3 the height of the door. If you're flanking the door with two, the size should be closer to 1/4 the height of the door.  (The same holds true if you're placing garage door lights. Scale makes all the difference. Don't undersize! Exterior lights appear about half the size from 50 feet away.)

Lantern Placement: Lanterns should be hung just above eye level, with the bulb center approximately 66" from the threshold.

For a pendant hanging lantern for an exterior covered area, follow the same guidelines as above- add length and width of area, and convert to inches (5'x5' stoop= 25" or so inches in diameter. Sounds large, but outside, it's always better to go larger. Judgement should be made from the street or walk, as that's your maximum curb appeal location.) As always, hang approximately 7' from the floor.

While these aren't perfect formulas, they're a great place to start, and will surely save you some trial and error! So get out your tape measure, take a couple notes, and come see us! We'd love to help you create that look you'll love! 

What's Old is New...

If you've been to our store, you may or may not know that we've been in business since 1970. That's nearly 47 years, and we've grown and changed plenty during that time. You can imagine that a lot gets accumulated in that much time as well, and last week, while tackling a much needed office organization project, we came upon this fantastic article from 1990, in what was then the Richmond News Leader. It highlighted a visit to Governor's by Whoopi Goldberg, and gave a great little history and "walk through" of our business. 

Twenty six years down the road, it's really interesting to see how many things have changed, and how many things have stayed the same. While sadly we lost Gary Thomas, "The Governor," last year, we have experienced some good changes as well. 

We've expanded ou architectural salvage business, and we're working on making the shopping experience (while it will always be a wild, wonderful, treasure hunt) a bit more user friendly. We have a map now, to help you navigate our 7 acres, and we have curated shops online at Etsy and Chairish (click the shop link on our home page to get there).  

Perhaps our biggest change is the launch of Governor's Antiques Originals, our line of one of a kind furniture, crafted with old world techniques, from vintage and reclaimed materials, and offering a true custom touch to your decor. Have a vision all your own? We can help bring that to life as well.  

And if you haven't been here since Whoopi, we've got a lot to show you! Come visit!



Want to own a piece of history, or are you just a diehard Wahoo?

If you want to really make your outdoor space or entry unique, we have a VERY limited quantity of post lights that previously called the UVA Rotunda home.

What a fantastic addition to your home if you are a UVA alum (parent, or soon to be parent of one)! What a terrific statement,  a great conversation piece, and a wonderful chance to own a piece of history. Come by, call, or email us for more information or to secure yours! This is a rare opportunity! 

Photo of Rotunda (pre-restoration) courtesy of UVA.

Adding a Vintage Touch to Your Summer Event and Entertaining

Summer is finally here, and it's event season! There's something about entertaining in the spring and summer that is just...better. The weather, the flowers in bloom...everything is just nicer somehow. More relaxed. If you want to jazz things up and add a great vintage touch to your event (indoors or out), check out some of these ideas, or head over to Pinterest for some more ways to incorporate a special touch into your spring and summer festivities!

If you love something you see here, or have a grander vision (for a large party, charity event, wedding, etc.) and don't want to commit long term, we do provide a short term rental option for nearly everything in our inventory! Just come see us!

Here are a couple of lovely examples from Brittany & Chad's wedding this spring- beautiful arch and gorgeous centerpieces!

If you're having a more casual affair, there are lots of great options- come wander and get inspired! Mix up your chairs, use different, unique containers for food or flowers, and there is nothing like a claw foot tub to make a WOW drink cooler! 

If you want a smaller, rustic touch, check out our new candlesticks and slate serving/ cheese boards. Indoors or out, these make a great authentic and rustic/ vintage style to your table! Now in our store, and in our Etsy shop at GovernorsAntiquesVa! 


The Lucketts Spring Market!

The Spring Market at the Old Lucketts Store was this weekend! We have never really done a show like this, so we honestly didn't know what to expect! We had a great time, though, and it was an awesome venue and event, despite the rather WET weather. It was really fun to meet so many great people, both shoppers and vendors, and to get to meet so many followers, followed, and friends from social media, from all over. 

We had a great VIP shopping day on Friday, when the weather was beautiful (what a terrific change of pace!) Saturday showed up with rain, rain, and more rain, but we had really good crowds in spite of the weather.

We had some great sales, and some fantastic feedback on our Governor's Antiques Originals, about which you'll be hearing much more! With 7 acres of awesome architectural salvage, we have an incredibly large inventory of "raw" materials that our craftsmen are working into some really creative, unique pieces, small and large, that will bring a one of a kind style into your home. Each is truly original, marked and numbered with a brass plaque. Don't forget, too, if you see something you love, but it's too big, too small, or maybe inspires you but is not quite perfect, we can create a piece truly original to you and your space. 

This kitchen island was completed just to showcase at the Spring Market- from reclaimed wood and ceiling tin, and would be a gorgeous centerpiece for your kitchen- gorgeous look great storage, and a fantastic space on top for work/ cooking, or serving. And trust us, it makes a GREAT cash wrap for a retail operation. Not sure what we would have done without it this weekend!


Unfortunately the rain got the better of everyone on Saturday, and so many cars had to be towed out of field parking, it was really beyond anyone's expectations. They had to get a backhoe to tow out the tow truck, for Pete's sake! So, needless to say, Sunday was a washout, so we packed up and headed home, much earlier than expected. 

Overall, it was a TERRIFIC weekend, and we'll definitely be back next time! Here are a few pics of our booth, and some others that were standouts and photoworthy- though in truth, there were so many more that we just could not get to for shopping and looking! (That was what we were going to do Sunday!) 

If you've never been to the Spring Market, though, make a plan to head to the Old Lucketts Store for the next one. Just outside of Leesburg, it's a beautiful location, a great venue and event, with fantastic food, and so many awesome vendors it will make your head spin!

VIP Ticket Giveaway for The Spring Market at Lucketts!

It's going to be a wild and wonderful May! Our first time at the Spring Market at @luckettstore is coming up May 20, 21, & 22 and we are so excited we want to share the fun!

If you have never been before, there will be great food, local wine and cider, and 150+ vendors (including us!).

Friday 5/20 is VIP Early Buyer's Day, for pre sale ticket holders only! ($40 ea, avail at BUT you can win two right here! Just follow us on Facebook or Instagram, like the giveaway post, AND tag that lucky friend you want to join you! We'll randomly draw the winner on May 10 and notify you here, on FB, and Instagram. Follow the same rules on both for an extra entry! Good luck! 

*Tickets are good for all three shopping days, but to get in as VIP, you must have the VIP ticket! (If you don't win, tickets for Saturday and Sunday are only $10 each- we'd still love to see you!) 

Lighting Can Make Your Room

Sometimes we get so caught up in the "big things" in a room (sofas, table, beds, etc) that we forget that the foundation elements can make a huge difference, often at a smaller hit to the budget. Lighting is perhaps one of the most important of those elements. 

Did you know we have literally thousands of pieces of lighting for nearly every style, room, and purpose. What are you looking for? 

If you're looking for a great statement piece for a kitchen, for example, over an island, you probably want something that not only looks good, but provides good quality task lighting as well. We have some terrific schoolhouse and barn style lights that are great for this purpose. They not only look good, but provide good light, and they work with nearly every style, from farmhouse to sleek and modern. 

For more ambient lighting- think bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, you probably want something with a little less harsh, more diffuse light with some style and detail. Our inventory of chandeliers and pendants that fit this description is huge. If you are wondering where to find unique lighting, look no further. Whether your space requires a small, delicate pendant, or a grand crystal chandelier (or anything in between), we've got some terrific options, and can help you make a choice that will be a good fit for your space. 

Save the date! *May 20, 21, & 22*

For the first time ever, we're going to be selling our wares at the Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg! If you've been before, make sure to come this year, because it's going to be a great weekend! With over 150 vendors (including US!), food trucks, local wine, local cider, and more, it's really going to be a great time, and a great way to find some fabulous pieces and have fun doing it. 

We're going to be bringing LOTS of great inventory- from lots of awesome architectural salvage, awesome original pieces, and antiques, to smaller items- vintage advertising, decor, and more. 

Stay tuned for more info, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates. The VIP presale is Friday, May 20, and you MUST have a ticket to shop that day! Click HERE for more info and tickets, and come see us! It's going to be a great weekend!