We have 100+ advertising clocks, in nearly all price ranges, shapes, sizes, eras and varieties.

With our large inventory of vintage advertising clocks, you'll find a number of Pam advertising clocks. Pam advertising clocks and thermometers have been some of the most well known and popular promo and branded products since the 1940's. Their distinctive backlit designs were tremendously popular with a huge variety of products- from milk, beer, soft drinks, to bread, medicines, and automotive products. Pam advertising clocks are still manufactured, but the vintage clocks are highly collectible. These clocks were crafted in aluminum or other metals, with glass crystals, in a variety of shapes.

In addition to our wide variety of clocks and thermometers, we have hundreds more unique items. from vintage souvenirs to advertising crates and lots of colorful signs. If you want to add a fun, funky vintage touch to any space, vintage advertising pieces are a great way to do it. Come see what we have in store- our vintage advertising inventory is always changing.